• Criteria for choosing a wedding venue

    So which wedding venue should I prefer? To make the right choice, you need to determine the criteria for the wedding venue. There are not so many of them.


    Wedding date. The choice of place must be carried out depending on the season. In winter, there are much fewer options than in summer, and each season has its own advantages for thematic weddings.


    Spaciousness. It is necessary to determine how many guests will be at the wedding, whether there will be musicians, exit registration, etc. And in accordance with this, decide what place can accommodate everyone. By the way, with capacity you can "play around" using various types of seating for guests: traditional, when guests are at a common table, or European, with seating guests at separate tables.


    Interior, exterior, atmosphere. For many weddings, the interior of the venue does not play a decisive role, but a restaurant with dark and gloomy interiors is hardly suitable for a bright and joyful celebration. Therefore, you need to strive to choose a place that will match the style of the wedding. This is especially important for themed weddings, the course of which often relies entirely on the interior and surroundings created at the venue.


    The location. When choosing a venue for a wedding in the city, you need to remember the scourge of the modern metropolis - traffic jams. This problem is insignificant for suburban weddings, but in this case it will be necessary to solve the issue of delivering many dozens of people to a remote location.


    Outside registration. If you plan to register not at the registry office, then you need to take care of the place of registration. In a restaurant, manor or hotel, it can be a separate room, porch or gazebo, in nature - a special tent, etc. But not all wedding venues give this opportunity, which must be taken care of in advance.


    Nonresident and foreign guests. Usually at a wedding there are many guests from other cities and countries, so you need to think about their resettlement, and choose the most convenient venue for the celebration.


    Kitchen, staff, service. An important question is whether the chosen place provides kitchen services (that is, preparing meals and drinks for a banquet) and attendants (primarily waiters). If not, then you need to think about contacting a catering company.


    Menu. Which cuisine do you prefer - European, Asian or some other? Currently, most restaurants, hotels, banquet halls and other places offer mixed cuisine, but this point should always be discussed in advance.


    Budget. This is one of the most important criteria, and often it is he who determines the final choice. But here it is more important what amount you have laid down to form a menu for one person. In addition, you need to think about alcohol: does the selected institution allow you to use your own imported alcohol at the banquet.


    Additional amenities and nice little things. The presence of a stage and a dance floor, the number and very availability of packing places, air conditioners in the hall (and in other rooms), a place for street walks and fireworks - all this and much more often fall out of the eyes of the newlyweds, but then can cause a lot of trouble during the wedding . Therefore, you need to think about such things in advance.


    It's all? Probably not. Even if you have already made a choice, it does not guarantee that it will be final. Why? Just because you still need to learn as much as possible about the chosen place, it is best to read or personally hear the reviews and photo reports of those people who have already chosen this venue for the wedding.


    But there is a simpler and, most importantly, a reliable way to make the right choice. Which one? Solve the issue together with the wedding planner. This person is a professional in his field, he has experience and knowledge, has visited so many wedding venues, and can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.


    The wedding manager will offer you those places that are best suited specifically for your wedding. And this solemn day will forever remain in your hearts one of the best in life.

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