• Ideas for the groom's wedding photo shoot with friends

    The bride on the wedding day in the morning - a thousand things. Grooms are somewhat simpler in this regard: they put their face and hair in order, put on a suit, shoes, accessories and are ready for great achievements. What to do with yourself in your free time, while your beloved is preparing for an important event? I have an idea! And not even one. We bring to your attention a fun and interesting selection of ideas for a photo shoot of the groom and his friends. Add funny photos to your wedding album, having fun in front of the camera from the heart!

    Ideas for the photo of the groom: in the arms of friends 

    A wedding is such a special occasion that even always restrained men allow themselves to show feelings and emotions, hugging each other. Strong hugs are just one option for this group of shots. A cool pose for a photo with friends is when the comrades take the young in his arms, and he seems to be lying, happily looking at the camera. Be more relaxed - it’s so cool to fool around!

    Superhero style photoshoot with friends

    Do you know what is the effect of surprise on wedding photos? This is when the groom and his witnesses under beautiful costumes in the style of the celebration wear superheroes, or cool underpants under trousers, or at least original socks! It is really cool to realize this photo-idea if all the witnesses and the groom themselves try and do not forget to get their uniform of batmen and supermen from the closets! Stop dusting her there - give a heroic wedding photo shoot!

    Poses for a photo shoot: cheerleaders with a joke

    Oh, what men in a cheerful and friendly company just won’t do! How about a funny acrobatic stunt for a memorable wedding photo? Easy! We will recreate the famous cheerleading pyramid as a photo idea. How can we. But it’s very cool!

    Images for the groom’s photo shoot: the mafia wakes up ...

    ... and also dresses, sits, smokes a cigar, drinks! Luxurious chairs, serious faces of the owners of life, and, as a result, wonderful photos of the groom with friends from the wedding! Improvise, depicting a mafia clan: you can stand in a circle and light a cigar, or you can drink a little cognac. Only the last - without takes, do not get carried away! Photos with cigarette smoke look great, especially against a dark background.

    Interesting ideas for a groom photo shoot with a phone

    And to implement this idea for photography you need to use a simple props. Take cool pictures on smartphones - you can get crooked, you can take photos of your beloved ladies, and then all at the same time show the screen to the photographer. Pictures will be very cool, in which the young person preens like a bride, and his friends take photos on smartphones. But this is the beginning of another cool series of photo ideas for shooting with friends.

    Like girls

    Guys love to portray girls - how they take selfies, paint their lips, consider manicures. So for wedding photos, such an idea fits perfectly. Poses for a photo of the groom with friends are the image of the delight of the ring on the hand, the correction of the suit and the hairstyles of the young (as witnesses with the dress usually do), girlfriends kisses - cheek to cheek. Okay, let’s let the guys do these pranks - the wedding, after all!

    Photo of the groom and witnesses with bouquets

    Separately, it is worth highlighting ideas for a wedding photo shoot of the groom and his friends with bouquets. Of course, the theme is similar to the previous one, but a great flight of imagination is possible here - guys hide their faces behind flowers, catch a “bride’s bouquet”, give flowers to each other, smell and girlishly admire the beauty of the composition. It is important for everyone to give the same bouquet - it will be cool!

    Ideas for a street photo shoot

    There are a number of photos that are best embodied on the street: for example, it’s cool to get a picture in which the groom and his friends throw their jackets into the sky. You can also ride bicycles or skateboards, run after each other - enjoy a great moment!

    Successful poses for a photo: groom flying and jumping

    A classic of the genre for an interesting photo shoot - friends toss the groom into the air. It is very important to control facial expressions so that the pictures are really good. The same applies to the jumping of the young and his witnesses: the shots will be interesting, but it is important not to close your eyes and not grimace at an important moment.

    Funny photos with friends: fights without rules

    A cool option for male photographs is an imitation of a fight or collision. Here it is already possible to grimace, and portray pain, and in general - do not restrain emotions. Just be careful: no one needs injuries at the wedding!

    Ideas for a groom photo shoot with friends and children

    If there will be kids on your holiday, be sure to use them in the shooting of the groom with friends. A little boy can stand in a row with adults, showing that he is on an equal footing with them. To create a cool effect, children can be put in the foreground. Whatever you do, such wedding pictures will definitely work out well!

    Images for the groom photo shoot with transport

    Pictures of cool cars and motorbikes are something that guys love so much. Stylish and beautiful - what else can you say. Oh yes: don’t forget to wear dark glasses!

    Just cool guys

    Poses for photos of the groom with friends can be the simplest if you follow the same style of dress and use the same accessories. You can stand in a wedge (groom in front) or in a row (young in the middle), and that will be enough! Behave naturally and smile more!

    wedding photoshoot for the groom and his friends is fun. And the pictures that you get after the celebration will finally convince you that you knowingly got up early on the crucial day and spent time with those with whom you are good! 

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