• Choosing a wedding venue is an important and important step, because the comfort of guests, as well as the cost of decoration, directly depend on the place. When it comes to a wedding, in 90% of cases the imagination draws on the restaurant hall, because it so happened that this is the most common wedding venue. But you should not be captured by stereotypes, because in fact there are much more potential places for your celebration.


    Conventionally, several groups can be distinguished: restaurants, banquet rooms of hotels, country restaurants and complexes, residences and indoor clubs (tennis, golf clubs), open areas (tents), unusual places (roofs of houses, penthouses, yachts). Weddings abroad should be placed in a separate category, as there venues for celebrations can be even more diverse. Agree that the list is rather big. Now another question arises: how to choose one and only one from such an abundance of possible places, and what aspects should be paid attention to first of all? This will be discussed today.


    So, it is worth highlighting several basic criteria when choosing a place: Interior. As mentioned above, it is precisely this criterion that determines the cost of decoration and the complexity of the work, because if the existing interior of the hall contrasts with the chosen theme, it will take a lot of time and energy to turn the chosen place into an ideal one. And there are sites that are simply not wedding - too dark, for example. This option will also require additional costs. Therefore, it is best to choose a place that, if it does not initially support the theme of the wedding, at least will not contradict it.


    Capacity. Perhaps the importance of this paragraph is not worth explaining. Guests should be comfortable and comfortable. But it is worth considering that the wedding venue should not only accommodate tables for guests. In addition, there should be a place for the stage, dancing, organizing interactive zones and other components. This is important, because when talking with the administrator, he will most likely only talk about seats, wanting to get a client.


    A place for an outdoor ceremony. Ideal if there is a separate room or platform where you could hold a ceremony.


    Kitchen. One of the most important aspects. If the food in the restaurant is not tasty, then no matter how colorful and varied the entertainment program is, guests may not be completely satisfied.


    Staff. This is also an important factor, because no matter how carefully your wedding is planned and planned, there is always the possibility of force majeure or simply sudden changes in the script, and you must be sure that the staff of the venue will be ready, go to the meeting and promptly will respond. Each wedding is individual and it is important to make sure that the personnel of the chosen venue is ready to work not according to the template and leave their comfort zone to make your holiday unforgettable.


    Furniture in a restaurant. Of course, this is not the primary factor in choosing a place, but still it is worth paying attention to furniture. Of course, if the tables and chairs in the chosen place do not correspond to the concept of the wedding, you can rent furniture, just realizing that this is an additional expense.


    There are also a number of secondary selection criteria, such as the availability of parking, hotels nearby, convenient location and others. Such things can be a nice addition. It is best to choose a wedding venue together with your wedding organizer, because he will immediately discard the lion's share of inappropriate sites, narrowing the search circle, and will be able to objectively assess the advantages and disadvantages of each place, which will save you a lot of time. Have a beautiful wedding.

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